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Here at NC Best, we take our reviews seriously, which is why we always do a thorough investigation and careful analysis on all companies we consider endorsing. 

callnet corporation logoAfter taking all factors into consideration, we are proud to announce that CallNET has earned our Best Small Business Answering Service Award for their great 24 hour customer service, superb answering service pricing and trained phone professionals that can help businesses of all sizes with their after hours telephone call.

CallNET Answering Service was one of ten phone answering service companies we took into consideration for this highly sought after award. Only two other business answering services made it into the Top 3, but CallNET was bar none the best of the bunch. They not only passed our rigorous online evaluation process in which we evaluated their answering service locations, but also passed our over the phone evaluation process, in which live answering service employees were able to answer each and every question we had, with precision and honesty.

callnet answering service reviews
CallNET Answering Service Reviews

After hours answering service companies that couldn’t answer our over the phone questions about what their prices were, how soon could they start our virtual answering service, or worse, lied to us when we asked the touch questions, had their overall ratings reduced significantly.

By far the most surprising thing we encountered while doing our business answering service evaluation process was the great lengths some of the companies we interviewed went through to avoid telling us the truth. For instance, one of the answering service companies we interviewed, that happened to be based in Raleigh, NC, had recently received a handful of one star reviews on Google and Yelp for their low quality customer service, but when we asked them if they were having any recent issues with their customers that we should know about, they avoid the online reviews and told us “None at all!”. When we pointed out the handful of one star reviews on Google and Yelp, they told us they were going to pull those reviews up and then they hung up on us!

Not all business answering services are created equal and some of them might just be having an off day or month (or maybe just a bad customer service person), so we prefer not to list the live answering service companies that didn’t earn our Best Small Business Answering Service Award as they already are receiving enough grief from their bad online reviews. Instead, we prefer to just focus on the best of the best and simply refuse to give any negative attention to those dumpster rental companies in North Carolina that didn’t pass the muster.

With that said, if you are looking for an answering service for your small business, we highly recommend CallNET Answering Service

About CallNET Answering Service

answering serviceCallNET provides phone answering services for small businesses around the clock seven days a week. Our professional and courteous Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are available to assist your callers 24/7, 365 days a year. We custom script your account so that every call is handled exactly as you wish. In addition, all calls are digitally recorded for quality assurance. Our full service call center employees specialize in after hours answering service, live answering service, virtual call center service and medical answering service for medical professionals like dentists, doctors, attorneys and small business owners. Learn more about their small business answering service at

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