Best Siding Replacement Company in Raleigh NC

triangle painting and sidingAfter careful analysis and a thorough investigation, we are proud to announce that Triangle Painting and Siding has earned the Best Siding Replacement Company in Raleigh NC Award for their great prices, superb customer service and extensive selection of siding, including the industry best James Hardie siding.

Triangle Painting and Siding was one of 11 siding replacement companies based in Raleigh, North Carolina we considered for this highly sought after award. They were the only siding company that not only passed our rigorous online evaluation process, offered Raleigh’s #1 Rated James Hardie Siding, but also our over the phone evaluation process, in which the siding company employees were able to answer each and every question asked with precision and honesty.

Siding companies that couldn’t answer our over the phone questions, or worse, lied to our faces when we asked the touch questions, had their overall scores reduced dramatically.

james hardie sidingWe are always surprised at the lengths some siding companies will go through to lie straight to our face. Case in point, one of the Raleigh siding companies we interviewed had received three 1 star reviews on Google for their low quality siding installations over the last month, but when we asked the siding company representative if they were having any recent issues with their siding installation service, they flat out lied to us and told us “no”. When we pointed out the three 1 star reviews on Google, they hung up on us!

Because of our high level of ethics, and understanding that every siding business has bad days, employees to pay and everyone involved usually has children to feed, we don’t list the companies that didn’t earn our Best Siding Company in Raleigh NC Award. Instead, we only focus on the best of the best and simply refuse to give negative attention to those siding replacement companies in Raleigh that didn’t make the grade.

About Triangle Painting and Siding

Triangle Painting and Siding is a professional painting and siding replacement company based in Raleigh NC. Triangle Painting & Siding helps homeowners beautify and protect their homes exterior with their expert siding installation, repair and replacement services. Their siding contractors know that your home’s exterior siding is more than just a decorative feature. It plays a crucial role in protecting your home from moisture, water and storm damage as well. That is why they provide thorough inspections along with superior siding installation, repair and replacement services that directly address your needs. Learn more about their siding replacement service at

Triangle Painting and Siding
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